FITNESS GYM 2 | Gym backpack compatible with laptop 17″

Backpack for gym and office, designed to carry everything in a practical way

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FITNESS GYM 2, the ideal backpack for the GYM and the office.

Mochila Backpack Skypeak Fit 115-BKFROM THE OFFICE TO GYM

You will have no excuse not to exercise, this backpack is designed to carry everything you need in the office and in the gym.


The gym backpack Fitness GYM 2, has a front compartment and fast waterproof access to store wet objects and not wet all your belongings. This space has measures 27cm long x 19 cm wide, so it is ideal for storing small towels, swimming goggles and items such as a toothbrush.


It has an extensive system of compartments, so that you organize all your belongings.

Laptop compartment up to 17 ″
Waterproof compartment for towel or wet clothes. 10.62in long x 7.48in wide.
Special bag for tennis or shoes
Side compartments with organizing meshes.
Adjustable side straps.
Measures: 12.20in x 18.90in x 6.69in


Mochila Backpack Skypeak Fit 115-BKMochila Backpack Skypeak Fit 2 115-BK